Sierra Madre Hot Pocket Heated Adventure Pack

There are few things as enjoyable as venturing away from civilization for a night or two. But life out in the wilderness can get a bit cold. Of course, since you can’t exactly bring that campfire inside the tent with you (nor would we suggest trying to set up a traditional space heater, as they’re tremendous fire hazards), Sierra Madre Research has another answer in their Hot Pocket heated adventure pack.

The first of its kind, this little device functions sort of like a packable version of those plug-in heating pads, but with a whole lot more functionality. For starters, it was designed to fit your sleeping bag inside of it — meaning it’s an excellent travel stuff sack. But it also has its own insulation and twin built-in heating elements which, at the push of a button, will heat up your bag inside so it’s toasty warm when you pull it out and climb inside. And, it can be opened up completely for instant warmth anywhere, anytime — more like a traditional heating pad. The onboard battery pack also fully charges in 90 minutes, has an integrated LED flashlight, and offers a total of six hours of heat — or you can plug a USB cable into it and charge up your iPhone (or similar electronics) up to four times. The project is live on Kickstarter now starting at $109.

Kickstarter: $109+