Sidekick GoPro Light

There’s no guarantee where or when GoPro greatness will happen to you. Sure, you might pull off that masterful sky dive in the daytime, but that crazy hot instructor might not take off her goggles and helmet until dusk. That’s (partly) why you might need the Sidekick, a companion light for the GoPro.

Sidekick delivers a wide smooth 600-lumen beam to assist the camera in low light or backlit conditions, the kind that, without a light, will result in you looking at a lot of dark, blurry footage when you get home. It mounts next to the camera with a low-profile arm that works with all existing GoPro mounts. If you’d like to take things a step further, the Sidekick Duo adds a 400-lumen spot beam, making it a great choice for navigation. Sidekick uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery that needs four hours for a full charge, and it’s factory sealed and waterproof to 200 feet. [Purchase]

Sidekick GoPro Light 2

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