Sideclick Streaming Video Remote Control

As video streaming continues its steady push into seemingly every home in America, there’s one issue that hasn’t been addressed: remote control overload. Sideclick aims to simplify your streaming process, as it attaches to your existing remote, giving you the ability to power on and off your TV, control the volume, change the input, and more, all from one unit.

Sideclick uses infrared learning technology, and that IR functionality means you can program it for multiple devices, so if you wanna control your receiver or sound bar, it’s no sweat. That’s a perk for the guy who wants to control it all with one device, but it also makes things easier for little ones or tech illiterate individuals who’d like to raise the volume without juggling black plastic sticks. There are four models to choose from, including Sideclicks that fit Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV remotes. Each model takes two AAA batteries.