Shun Higo Nokami Folding Steak Knife

The Higo No Kami friction folding knife was first manufactured in Japan as far back as 1896 and is considered to be the first Japanese pocket knife. It’s simple, straightforward, easy to use, and has maintained a good deal of popularity ever since. That being said, it’s hard to try and introduce a version of this knife that stands out as unique. But, Shun has done just that with their Higo-No Kami folding steak knife.

Brought to you by a sub brand under the same umbrella as Zero Tolerance and Kershaw, this fresh take on a friction folder exhibits all the signs of knife mastery. It features a super high quality 3.5″ VG10 “super steel” blade, an Ebony PakkaWood handle with a mosaic inlay of the brand’s crest, and each one comes with a handsome protective leather sheath. This gorgeous handmade knife is so well executed, in fact, that you might even opt to use it as your everyday carry knife, rather than relegate it simply to chopping up dinner. Get your hands on one for just $98.

Purchase: $98