SHOEI IT-HT Smart Helmet

Smart helmets are a hot topic these days, with innovative materials and technology being integrated into safety gear as quickly as it comes out. While a number of small boutique motorcycle brands have unveiled their smart helmets over the past year, respected gear manufacturers like SHOEI have remained silent — until now. An announcement at CES 2019 has shattered the ice on the company’s first step into the technological realm with the reveal of their Intelligent Smart Helmet, the IT-HT.

With their first foray into the smart helmet sphere, SHOEI and electronics manufacturer NS West have decided to keep it simple with the integration of a centralized heads-up display that will make navigating road conditions that much better for motorcycle riders. Wearers will no longer be forced to choose between a right or left eye-dominant iteration — rather, SHOEI has decided to utilize one central system that promises to keep riders’ focus on the road. Admittedly, this is the only piece of upgraded tech that’s been introduced with the helmet, but with the inclusion of a tried and true HUD technology that’s been tested by NS West for automotive use, it’s a step in the right direction for other prominent brands to follow. Shoei expects the helmet to hit stores in the “near future.”

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