Shinola x Surefire P2X Fury Flashlight

It’s become expected at this point that every time Shinola pairs up with another brand, we get a killer piece of gear made more handsome than it would normally be. Trust us when we say, that’s a very, very good thing to come to expect. Especially when they get together with someone in the everyday carry space that we already love. In this case, that’s illumination brand SureFire. And together they’ve released this P2X Fury flashlight.

With Shinola’s signature minimalist styling – which includes the brand name on one side, their lightning bolt icon on the other, and a bright orange high-polish bezel on the front – this is one of the most beautiful EDC flashlights we’ve ever seen. It’s got performance in spades, too – thanks to it boasting a maximum output of 600 lumens and an astonishing 46-hour runtime. This P2X Fury also benefits from a high strength, hard-anodized black finished aerospace aluminum body and from the fact that it was made right here in the USA. Get your hands on one now for $195.

Purchase: $195