Shinola’s New Auto Runwell Watch Was Inspired By American Station Agents

Many horological enthusiasts like to wax poetic about the merits of wearing a watch, but let’s face it — in this day and age, they’re obsolete. However, it wasn’t always the case that watches were more fashion items than functional necessities. In fact, in some lines of work, they acted as the crux of the entire operation.

Take, for instance, the station agent: an individual responsible for keeping trains on schedule and who’s also the inspiration behind Shinola’s latest timepiece. Aptly dubbed the ‘Station Agent,’ it’s the first Runwell Automatic to feature a sub-second dial — a homage to a trade in which punctuality came at a premium. But that’s not all — it also includes a set of Super-LumiNova hands specifically color-matched to mimic the aged radium found on vintage watches. And when you consider that it’s housed in a high quality 45mm solid stainless steel case with a matte vellum main dial, a Swiss-made SW260-1 Sellita Movement, and a Cattail Grizzly leather strap, it makes for quite the tributary timepiece. As an added bonus, Shinola has even treated every Station Agent box with fire to pay respects to the resilience of the Detroit and Michigan Central Stations. Buy it today for $1,450.

Purchase: $1,450