Shinola Rambler Tachymeter Chrono

Between the years of 1963 and 1965, Craig Breedlove broke the land speed record five times. He pushed the limit from 407 miles per hour to 468, 526, 555, and finally 600 in two vehicles, one named Spirit of America, and then in the Spirit of America Sonic 1. Like the names of those vehicles would suggest, he represented to many a very American impulse to work hard and constantly aim for what is just out of reach. Shinola is honoring Craig’s memory by releasing the Rambler Tachymeter Chrono, the first Tachymeter they’ve ever produced.

For the uninitiated, a tachymeter scale sits on the bezel of a watch and is used to measure either distance based on speed or speed based on travel time. Each of the four different styles of Rambler that Shinola is offering were constructed in Detroit, Michigan, and feature a chronograph stopwatch function and an argonite movement that sits inside a 44mm case. Three of the four styles come with a stainless steel case, while the Rambler 600 is built with a Titanium case and strap. Not only do the watches look great, they may help you record some P.R.s of your own. Prices range from $875 to $1,325. [Purchase]

Shinola Rambler Tachymeter 3

Shinola Rambler Tachymeter 1

Shinola Rambler Tachymeter 4