Shinola Power Supply Hub

Power cords are far from the sexiest tech products out there. For the most part, they do little more than sit under desks and other dark parts of our homes and offices gathering dust. That hasn’t deterred Shinola from teaming up with GE to put out this incredibly well designed Power Supply 5 Port Hub.

Built with a die cast metal enclosure that comes in either bright orange, vanilla, or black, and featuring five ports with a dual USB feature it’s a surprisingly attractive looking power strip. Yet, with that being said, Shinola and GE aimed for much more than just ‘good looking’ with this power strip. The 8 foot cord is designed to be both flexible and at the same time not kink or bend, while the quick charging USB ports both come with an amp. To top it all off? Like all other Shinola products, it was constructed right here in the U.S. with both foreign and American made parts. Prices are set at $175. [Purchase]

Shinola Power Supply Hub 1

Shinola Power Supply Hub 3

Shinola Power Supply Hub 2