Shinola’s New Dive Watch Is Inspired By Detroit’s Prohibition-Era Rumrunners

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Shinola is abundantly proud of their hometown and often draws inspiration from Motor City’s history for their watches, leather goods, and other various pieces of gear. And their latest endeavor in that regard, The Bronze Monster dive watch, is a magnificent offering that harkens back to the Prohibition era.

You see, although national Prohibition started in 1920, Michigan had actually started their own back in 1917. And while, for most, that meant three extra years of going dry, it also meant that there was already an underground of bootleggers and smugglers — also known as rumrunners — that were already professionals at their trade and operating on Detroit’s waterways. As such, Shinola is paying tribute to them properly with a nautical bronze dive watch complete with an automatic movement (with a 38-hour power reserve), dive timer bezel, Super LumiNova markings, and both a leather and nylon strap. Get your hands on this rebellious timepiece now for $1,650.

Purchase: $1,650