Sherpa “All Purpose” Surfboard by Deus Ex Machina

As exciting as traveling can be for surfers, the logistics involved in getting your prized boards to the destination of choice can be a hassle. And since different surf breaks demand certain board shapes and styles, it’s easy to find yourself at the airport with a coffin full of fiberglass waiting to pay a hefty fee for oversized luggage. That is until now.

Thanks to the collaboration between Deus Ex Machina and Australia-based McTavish Surfboards surfers now have “The Sherpa” to guide them in their travels. Designed as an all-purpose surfboard, The Sherpa rides the tube, coasts through flat sections, is maneuverable, generates and carries speed, and works in as many varied conditions as possible. From waist high mush to overhead heaving barrels, the Sherpa is shaped in a manner that gets you the most out of each wave. The shape boasts a baby square down rail, subtle diamond tail, and a nose concave for extra paddling power. The fin setup is slated for stability as well due to the large single fin setup with a couple side bite fins to boot. Available now through the Deus shop for $1,050.

Sherpa Surfboards 7

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