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SHERP’s ‘The Ark’ ATV Is A 22-Person All-Terrain Off-Road Fortress

If you’re familiar with the biblical tale, it may come as no surprise that the title of “The Ark” isn’t afforded haphazardly. In fact, the transcendental name is reserved only for a means of transport considered quintessential in every way — acting as a final bastion for its denizens, and forging a path for their survival. While the grandeur of the original has remained a storied tale, SHERP has created a modern, all-terrain platform inspired by the boat’s resilient persona.

The Ark, as it’s been dubbed, is a monstrous transport that looks as if it’s been pulled straight out of a dystopian novel. At its front, a single four-wheeled vehicle acts as the platform’s engine, pulling a large, enclosed trailer that can comfortably seat up to 22 people. Whether used commercially, as a personal transportation unit, or a dwelling, the versatile vehicle can tread boulders, fallen trees, scree, gravel, sand, and peat, as well as ford marshes, deep snow, water, and ice, all while boasting an 82-hour fuel autonomy. Run into a 40-degree obstruction? The Ark can traverse it. Need more traction? Deflate or inflate the vehicle’s tires with exhaust gases at the touch of a button. Puncture your tire, or get water in the vehicle’s cabin? Shut off the air supply to the damaged peripheral to keep driving, or use automatic pumps to remove liquid with ease. Needless to say, SHERP’s The Ark has thought of (almost) everything. If you’re looking to procure one of your own for the end of days, head to the company’s website to begin your consultation.

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