Sherp ATV

Did you ever wish that you could actually drive those oddly proportioned toy trucks that you played with as a kid? Well this Russian-made ATV Sherp might be the closest you’ll ever get to doing just that.

Equipped with oversized self-inflating tires and a small canvas-top, this is both the goofiest and coolest vehicle we’ve ever seen. Designed to take whatever you throw at it, this expedition ATV can climb obstacles as high as 27.5 inches, zoom through sandy terrain, and churn its way across a lake (why not?). The Sherp has a 15 gallon tank that feeds its 44.3 horsepower Kubota V1505 four-cylinder diesel engine, and can go up to 28 mph on land and about 4 mph in the water. Be sure to pick this tank-inspired ATV up while the exchange rate is still in your favor – it comes in a standard and “plus”, along with a bevy of additional items with a price tag of roughly $47,000. See this thing in action below. [Purchase]

Sherp ATV 2

Sherp ATV 3

Sherp ATV 4

Sherp ATV 5