Bunka Black Japanese Chef Knife

You might not think it that difficult to craft a decent knife, what with how commonplace the tools are. But, consistently creating blades of really exceptional quality takes years and years of training and practice. Just ask the folks behind the ZDP-189 Bunka Black chef knife.

The result of years and years of experience, this knife is the culmination of a partnership between master knife makers, OsterRob and Yoshida Hamono – designed to strike the perfect blend of Japanese craftsmanship and Western culinary needs. Forged from ZDP-189 carbon steel using the same techniques once used to craft samurai swords, this chef knife is both incredibly durable and easy to keep razor-sharp. Mated to a gorgeous rosewood handle, the blade also features a stunning black patina, that’s both beautiful and serves to protect it during daily use. This top-tier culinary cutting tool can be yours now for $295.

Purchase: $295