Sharkbite Straight Razor by Jacob Ray

Mar 29, 2016

Category: Grooming

Straight razors are impressive no matter how you cut it. These super sharp blades require serious skill to use, not to mention the attention to detail and care needed for upkeep. For those reasons, even the most plain straight razor can be regarded with a good deal of pride by its owner – but this Sharkbite razor is on a whole other level.

Outfitted with a 3-inch long 1095 15n20 damascus steel blade attached to your choice of four different gorgeous handles – this piece blurs the line between daily tool and work of art. Each blade is hand made in Oklahoma City by self-starter Jacob Ray – and when he ships them off they’re each honed, stropped and ready to use. Right now you can pick one up with a carbon fiber, mallee burl, maple burl, or hybrid handle for $350. [Purchase]

Sharkbite Straight Razor by Jacob Ray 01

Sharkbite Straight Razor by Jacob Ray 3

Sharkbite Straight Razor by Jacob Ray 4

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