Sharkbanz Shark Repellant Wristband

Surfing can be a bit dangerous. We all know this. And with the threat of sharks lurking below the murky waters of any ocean, it can be downright nerve-wracking. Thankfully, two California surfers decided enough was enough, and began research and design for a shark repellent band that would ease the minds of surfers the world over.

Well, that day has come with the release of Sharkbanz; the wearable device that uses patented magnetic technology to deter sharks from attacking people in the water. The band disrupts the animals electro-receptors by emitting magnetic waves which result in the shark turning away from an otherwise potential encounter. For the shark, the experience is similar to someone shining a really bright light into your eyes in a dark room. Clearly in this situation, your flight response kicks in, similar to what happens to the shark. Each Sharkbandz requires no batteries, work up to 200 meters deep, and fits just about anyone’s wrist or ankle. Available now for $65. [Purchase]