These Ultra-Slim SHADO Shades Mount To Your Phone With A Handy Magnetic Case

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For many men, finding the right pair of sunglasses is no easy feat, as chances are pretty good that they’ll wind up lost, broken, or scratched beyond repair. Thankfully, however, the folks at SHADO Eyewear by ThinOptics have devised just the solution to fix your eyewear issues for good.

That being an ultra-slim frame and a tough, low-profile carrying case. And while such features apply to all of the brand’s sunglasses, we especially like the Wanderlust collection because of its smartphone-compatible convenience. That is, thanks to a small case-mounted magnet, you can keep your shades on you at all times, with no worry of them falling out of your collar or — worse — being left behind at the dinner table. What’s more, the collection features two distinctly vintage-inspired silhouettes, with the Los Altos being a rounded horn-rimmed design and the Menlo Park offering a more squared shape that contours along the brow. Crafted from durable polycarbonate frames — in crystal, tortoise, as well as black — they’re made only better by the high-quality, UV-resistant polarized lenses that come in iconic colors like brown, green, grey, and various mirrored finishes. Level up your eyewear game and buy a pair for just $80.

Purchase: $80

Photo: SHADO Eyewear