This Sleek Smart Remote Can Control All Your Home Tech

With homes and living areas being outfitted to better-encompass futuristic smart devices, the traditionally simplistic remote is losing its stake in the market. Gone are the days where each different entertainment device, thermostat, and ceiling fan is controlled by its own peripheral. Instead, the rise of the multifaceted smart remote has given tech-savvy buyers an intuitive way to control every aspect of their home. Now, Sevenhugs has announced the Smart Remote U — a more affordable version of the company’s revered Smart Remote X.

Although the Smart Remote U isn’t as robust as the company’s flagship offering, the device boasts its own unique set of strengths. With the Smart Remote X, there was a substantial amount of setup required. Essentially, you had to pair sensors with each device throughout your home so that the remote could track, control, and manipulate it through the use of an onboard point system. The Smart Remote U does away with this aspect, allowing users to control everything from sound systems to appliances through the use of a separately-selected prompt. To make the remote more aesthetically-pleasing than its predecessor, the U’s exterior has been made even sleeker, thanks to the exclusion of tactile buttons. Instead, the smart remote will utilize a swipeable touchscreen that’ll keep you up-to-date on all of your home’s controllable facets. If you’re looking for an intuitive device that does away with all of the cumbersome aspects of the original, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote U is available now for $199+.

Purchase: $199+