Serbu Super Shorty Shotgun

The ultimate in legal sawed-off widowmakers, the Super Shorty runs from a scant 16 inches in length to a slightly longer 19 and a half inches. Capable of holding either 3 shells (two in the mag one in the chamber) or 5, it has a pistol grip standard and spring-locked foregrip that’s perfect for urban tactical work, clearing out meth dens when space is at a premium.

Produced by Serbu firearms, the Shorty is CNC machined in-house and can be made in the style of a Mossberg Maverick, a Mossberg 500, a Lil’ Kim, or a Remington 870, depending on your preferences and how much you’re looking to spend. TIG welded and hit with a military-spec manganese phosphate finish for endurance and its arresting good looks, few weapons pack as much punch into such a small package. It’s ideal for assault or home defense when the wolves are at your door. The firearm retails for $705. [Purchase]