Sennheiser HD 820 Gorilla Glass Headphones

The debate over open vs. closed-back headphones has been at a stalemate for a long time now. Those who go with open-back headphones enjoy a more clear, airy sound, while closed-back users reap the benefits of minimal ambient noise leaking into their cans. Now, thanks to Sennheiser’s newly announced HD 820 headphones, the best of both worlds are being combined.

These new cans from the German audio company make use of a specially designed concave Gorilla Glass back. Not only does this one-of-a-kind backing reveal the attractive ring radiator on the headphones, but they help reflect sound waves from the rear end of the transducer back to an absorber – cutting down on resonance and attenuating ambient noise. And to make sure nothing is lost before the audio even gets to the headphones, Sennheiser equipped the HD 820 with a symmetrically tuned impedance matching cable with 4.4mm gold plug. Finishing it all off, these circumaural headphones manage to be incredibly comfortable thanks to a pair of handcrafted ear pads and a padded metal headband.

Purchase: $2,400