Sena Smart Motorcycle Helmet

If you ride a motorcycle, you should – in our humble opinions – always wear a helmet. Whether it’s five hours or five minutes, the risk simply isn’t worth it. That being said, we know that wearing a helmet has it’s drawbacks. Namely, it’s harder to communicate and many of them are not very tech-friendly (try wearing a bluetooth headset under your average helmet). Thankfully, the folks at Sena are looking to change all of that with their line of smart motorcycle helmets.

Designed to offer all the safety of a normal full-coverage helmet, this dome protector offers a few features unheard of elsewhere. For example, it’s Bluetooth enabled (so you can connect it to your phone) and also features a Group Intercom mode that lets you interact with up to 8 riders in HD audio at a distance of up to 1.2 miles away. It also has a noise-cancelling feature that will drown out excess sound while still allowing you to hear things like sirens and your RPMs. Or that can be toggled off and you can put the helmet in ‘ambient’ mode, giving you the ability to hear someone talking or any oncoming traffic. And all that tech is supplementary to some excellent protection, ventilation, and overall comfort. Keep an eye on their brand page for upcoming info, such as price or where you can buy one. [Purchase]