Selk’bag Wearable Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is one of those things that just hasn’t seen a lot of innovation since its creation. Selk’bag has changed all that with that wearable sleeping bag, and now the brand is looking to update their popular line.

Their bags are basically a cross between sleeping bags and activewear, and is being called all-terrain sleepwear. It has removable booties, leg vents, an insulated hood, a kangaroo style pocket and a quick-release system with velcro straps that all combine to make it one versatile jumpsuit. It’s intended to be worn whether your camping out in your backyard or whether you’re climbing to the top of a mountain. Whatever your adventure is, the Selk’bag is with you all the way to provide warmth and comfort. It’s being funded on Kickstarter and is available now to early backers for $134, or you can opt for a licensed Marvel version for $99. [Purchase]

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