Seiko’s SUS Field Watch Boasts A Military-Inspired ’90s Design

Military style is always in fashion, which is why Seiko decided to resurrect a ‘90s battlefield-inspired design. In collaboration with Japanese retailer Nano Universe, the Seiko SUS Field Watch is a rugged, handsome timepiece to keep you punctual on your daily grind.

With a more compact design compared to average everyday men’s timepieces, the 35mm SUS watches are true to the originals. These field watches are constructed with stainless steel, a Hardex crystal, and either a nylon or silicone strap. Although they are relatively similar, one watch variation comes with a dial fully coated with Lumibrite luminescent material and others with case coatings for a little extra green. The 100-meter water-resistant watch is available in seven different colorways, including black, army green, and navy blue, ranging from $185 to $230. Unfortunately, the Seiko SUS Field Watch is a Japan-only launch, but there’s a chance it could be released internationally at some point in the near future.

Purchase: $185+