Seiko Reintroduces Its Retro Voice Digital Watch For A New Generation

Seiko is no stranger to the renovation and reintroduction of its vintage wristwear. Every year, the brand reaches into its archives to revitalize a new series of watches, bringing its iconic — and sometimes understated — pieces into the limelight for a new generation of buyers. Now, the Tokyo-based outfit has decided to gift one of its most unique offerings with a new lease on life.

The Seiko SBJS013 “Voice Digital” was released over a decade ago, making it a prime contender for the brand’s resurrection series. As an interesting model developed primarily for the visually impaired, it set the standard for stylish watches that could be used without hands, dials, or other visual indicators. Instead, it relies on a programmatic voice to give wearers an audible cue, pairing nicely with its integrated alarm and stopwatch function. While the SBJS13 boasts a silhouette that’s catered toward the visually-impaired, that doesn’t mean that it’s out of place in any modern wardrobe — especially when a handful of alternative watches have made their own staggering comebacks within this past year. As it turns out, the design has remained timeless enough to earn the Voice Digital a Good Design Award prior to its re-release, which will take place on December 11. Head to Seiko’s website to check out the $180 model for yourself.

Purchase: $180