Seiko Prospex LX-Series Watches

Seiko has definitely made waves within the watch industry due to their affordable Prospex lineup, and amidst the external discussion about the company’s next big move, they’ve once again stolen the spotlight with their newly announced Prospex LX series.

The “luxurious” new Prospex LX series looks to elaborate upon the manufacturer’s affordable entry-level lineup, revealing six new variants that will sport the company’s most robust movements and technologies. In an effort to capture the essence of land, air, and sea, these lightweight titanium timekeepers house metallic case finishes and a dark black sword polishing technique known as zaratsu alongside 5R65 and 5R66 movements, rotating bezels, and 24-hour markings for accurate time zone tracking. Seiko’s Spring Drive technology combines the movement of a traditional mechanical watch with a highly-accurate quartz architecture, which is powered by a mainspring instead of a battery. To accompany these attributes, a 72-hour power reserve and 45mm size come standard with the updated LX lineup, while sapphire crystal overlays and 200+ meters of water resistance serve to round out the cool collection. If you’re interested in the company’s high-tier offerings, the Seiko Prospex LX series will be available starting in July.

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