Seiko Chariot Steve Jobs Watch

Fame turns the banal into the holy. We imbue even the most inconsequential things owned by the famous with meaning, even going so far as to see them as an extension of the people who once owned them. This is likely why Steve Jobs’ Seiko Chariot¬†sold last year for $42,000, and why Seiko has teamed up with Japanese brand Nano Universe to release the similarly styled SCXP watch.

This timepiece is purported to be almost totally faithful to the original 1980s dress watch worn by the Apple CEO during his photo shoot with photographer Norman Seef. Featuring a quartz movement, and a slim, simple dial set in a 6.6mm thick stainless steel case, this newly announced release looks just as sharp now as it did on Jobs’ wrist. There are two variants on the size and color of the watch – it either comes with a 33mm or 37.5 diameter, and in an all black variant. The only catch? It is going to be hard to get your hands on one. Only 1,982 of each sized white face style will be made, while only 300 will be made of the black variant. As if that wasn’t limited enough, they’ll only be sold in Japan starting the 10th of March. If you can get there, however, it’ll only run you $180. [Purchase]