Seiko Is Making A Fan-Designed Watch That Recalls An Iconic 1970s Model

Few watch brands can post as illustrious a back-catalog as Seiko, and now the lauded Japanese brand is launching a new watch that bears a striking resemblance to one of the most beloved Seikos ever made — and you helped make it happen.

Well, maybe not you specifically, but the watch in question — reference number SRPH19K1 — came into existence through Seiko’s online “Custom Watch Beatmaker,” in which fans could design their own Seiko 5 Sports model by combining a series of parts and then vote for their favorite design among all of the creations. And out of over 48,000 possible combinations, the winner is a gold dial, Pepsi bezel diver that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Seiko 6139, better known as the Pogue. Long a favorite of vintage collectors, the Pogue was Seiko’s first automatic chronograph and even has the distinction of being the first automatic chronograph worn in space in 1973 (its wearer, Colonel William Pogue, is responsible for the watch’s colloquial moniker). While this new Seiko 5 Sports Custom Watch Beatmaker Limited Edition is by no means a new Pogue, it does bear very similar styling, and Seiko should have no trouble selling out all 2,021 examples when they go on sale in August.

Purchase: $499