Segway Rolls Out A Weatherproof GPS-Guided Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Over the last few years, Segway and its various subsidiaries have been tapping into a diverse array of product segments, including everything from a UTV lineup to hydrogen-electric motorcycles to battery-powered go-karts to self-balancing wheelchairs to kick-scooters. For its latest venture, Segway is taking things in a new direction, deviating from its typical ridable offerings and last-mile vehicles to launch a smart lawn mower company appropriately called Navimow.

Functioning similarly to a Roomba, albeit in a more outdoor-friendly, all-terrain package, the mower uses a GPS-based “Exact Fusion Locating System” and real-time kinematics that allow the mowers to achieve accuracy down to just 2cm. The system pairs with a dedicated smartphone app that allows users to custom map the mower’s routine and layout, and can automatically detect the presence of pets, children, and even flowers, as well as rain. Reportedly the quietest mower on the market, operating at just 54dB, the IP67-rated smart mower also boasts an adjustable 1.2″ to 2.4″ cutting height and also features self-diagnostics and part replacement reminders. To kick things off, the company has released four versions of the smart mower, the Navimow H500E, H800E, H1500E, and H300E — with the numbers in the monicker denoting the number of square meters each unit is good for covering. Available now, the Navimow lineup starts at approximately $1,425.

Purchase: $1,425+

Photo: Segway | Navimow