SeatyLock Bike Saddle Lock

We would never think about leaving our homes without our trusty bike lock, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy toting that thing around. Sure it keeps our 2-wheeler safe from would-be thieves, but it’s also a drag to carry around. SeatyLock is an innovative solution that keeps you bike safe, without adding any bulk to your carry load.

The aptly titled device is essentially a bike saddle with a lock built right in. In less than 30 seconds, you can easily remove the saddle, open the 1 meter long sturdy chain, and lock it to any fixed object. The lock is crafted from six hardened steel links that have been over molded with plastic to protect your frame from any scratches, and the cylinder itself is secured with a hardened steel housing to protect against drilling. The SeatyLock can be easily attached to e-bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, you name it. The adapter is constructed from a lightweight aluminum, and once installed, is fully adjustable to your liking. The lock is available in both a Trekking and Comfort model, both of which are available in a variety designs, styles and colors. The SeatyLock will retail for $129. [Purchase]

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