SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack

We’ve been using roof racks for as long as we can remember, but let’s be honest, sometimes you’re hauling cargo that’s a little too precious for the rooftop – and all kinds of wild stuff can happen between points A and B.

SeatRack offers an alternative for transporting those oversized pieces that are too near and dear to risk (or that you’d just rather not get wet). The device fits easily on top of almost any car seat – all you have to do is pop out the headrest, adjust the width of the posts, use the adaptive sleeves for the post diameters, and slide them right in. You can even secure unwieldy cargo using the 54-inch strap and metal buckle, or throw on the rubber protective covers to increase grip. This $130 set is perfect for the car owner who’s looking to squeeze a little more utility into their vehicle. [Purchase]

SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack 2

SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack 3

SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack 4