Seadoo ROV 360 Underwater Drone

Aug 2, 2016

Category: Tech

Drones. They’re in the news, they’re in our neighborhood, they’re on the shelves at BestBuy, but rarely do you see them in the water. Designer Ron Ferencz has mocked-up a design of the ROV Underwater Drone that could play a roll in changing that paradigm.

Equipped with three propellors; two at the back and one on top of the body, the ROV 360 underwater drone can swim through water and change direction with ease whether it is deep in the bay, or navigating itself around the legs of a pier. Ferencz outfitted the front of the underwater explorer with a Canon lens attached to a double-jointed arm that makes it easy for the operator to get the right angle on an exotic fish or abandoned ship. Who knows when or if we’ll see drones like this made widely available in the near future, but if we do you can be sure to find me looking for sunken treasure.

ROV 360 Underwater Drone 1

ROV 360 Underwater Drone 2

ROV 360 Underwater Drone 3

ROV 360 Underwater Drone 4

ROV 360 Underwater Drone 5

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