Seabubbles River Taxis

As cities have swelled in size over the past twenty years, the need for alternative modes of transportation have become more and more urgent. Companies offering ride-sharing services have emerged, municipalities have reinvested in light rail, and even dockless scooters have become a thing. The most out-there solution, though? The Seabubbles river taxis.

Essentially self-driving taxis for bodies of water, SeaBubble is intended to make using a city’s waterways to get from point A to B a more viable, eco-friendly option. The hydrofoiling watercraft are designed to charge while at a dock and can be summoned via app much like Uber or Lyft. Get seasick? Not on a Seabubble. The futuristic seacraft is designed to lift up out of the water once it hits over 7.5 miles per hours, virtually eliminating any nausea-inducing tilt and roll caused by waves. The project seems like a moonshot, but we’d sure love to try one if they ever made it to a city near us.

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