Seabob Cayago Underwater Jetski

Snorkeling always sounds good on paper. Then when it comes to put on the foggy mask, soggy life vest (don’t laugh), and begin gulping down sea water, you remember why you always leave it off the list of hobbies on your dating profile.

But Seabobing? Now that could be cool. The Seabob Cayago F7 turns you into a much less fish-chatty Aquaman, propelling you through water at speeds up to 9 mph. You use your own weight to steer and angle the Seabob up or down, with the onboard computer display showing you your power usage, water temperature, speed, and depth. This is apparently the first jet system in the world that features an impeller; an electric-powered rotor that sucks water in and fires it out back out of the watercraft. Since no one needs a case of the bends, all underwater models from Seabob are set to a maximum depth of 2.5 meters but scuba divers can override that and set it 40 meters. [Purchase]

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