Seaboard Rise Keyboard

Sep 30, 2015

Category: Tech

We can guarantee that you’ve never seen any musical interface quite like the Seaboard Rise Keyboard, the latest MIDI controller from Roli.

This innovative design gives musicians a new tool that lets them create authentic instrumental simulations in real time using a pressure-sensitive continuous surface. This allows musicians to give their music more movement, adding the ability to give your music more slides, flares and other changes without having to switch to turning a knob. It also has slider pads on the left side that can be assigned to knobs in the software you’re using. It’s compatible with today’s most-used music production software, and comes with Equator, a software synthesizer. It’ll take your home studio to the next level both musically and visually, as it sports an intriguing physical design. The Rise is available now for $799. [Purchase]

Seaboard Rise Keyboard 2

Seaboard Rise Keyboard 3

Seaboard Rise Keyboard 4

Seaboard Rise Keyboard 5

Seaboard Rise Keyboard 6

Seaboard Rise Keyboard 7

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