Sea Sucker Bicycle Rack

If “have bicycle, will travel (but not the entire way by bicycle, because, ya know, that’s really far)” is your life’s motto, you need a roof rack. But, like, these things are a pain in the ass, right? Well, yes. Usually. But Sea Sucker bicycle racks aim to change that.

Using some seriously strong vacuum mounts, Sea Suckers let you temporarily but securely mount your bike to the roof of your car without having to permanently attach any hardware. They’re non-marking, UV and weather resistant, and promise to work well with both glass and metal surfaces, attaching in just minutes. A single heavy-duty fork clamp holds your bike by the front fork, and the rack body is made of 1/2″ HDPE, which makes it strong enough to hold your bike yet flexible enough to follow the curve of your roof line. [Purchase]

Sea Sucker Bicycle Rack 2

Sea Sucker Bicycle Rack 3