Sea Doo Underwater SeaScooter

Sea Doo, the maker of everyone’s favorite jet ski has now introduced their next product in facilitating sub-aquatic fun. The SeaScooter is built to ease in the diving experience, serving as a robotic chauffeur for underwater diving expeditions. I mean why not right? Who wants to do all the work down there by themselves?

Each SeaScooter is powered by a lithium ION battery in a lightweight design, and it’s also removable for external charging or simple battery replacement for subsequent dives. The self-propulsion device contains a self-filling ballast hull to achieve neutral buoyancy instantly, and holes throughout the SeaScooter allow water to enter and exit simultaneously that help it assume neutral buoyancy upon submersion. Its handlebar also enables easy navigation of up to 4mph under the sea and is made from impact resistant material. There are strategically-placed ergonomic triggers for simple control and a dashboard-style LED battery status indicator lets you know where you stand on your 90 minutes of battery life. It’s available now for $1,300. [Purchase]