Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski

For us mortals, performing stunts on a jet ski isn’t typically included in a wholesome afternoon on the lake. This is true because most jet skis aren’t built for freestyle maneuvers and hot-dogging. However, most of us have yet to meet the all new Sea-Doo Spark Trixx jet ski, a wave runner outfitted as a playful trickster on the water.

The design for the Spark Trixx is all new and catered for optimized precision. For instance, the handlebar comes with an adjustable riser for various riding styles and the Spark Trixx comes with step wedges for enhanced stability in differing stand-up riding positions. Also, don’t let the aesthetic and user-friendly features distract you from its powerful naturally aspirated 899cc ROTAX 900 HO ACE engine. There’s also an intelligent brake and reverse features, extended-range VTS that allows riders to raise the nose completely out of the water and it’s built from a lightweight polytec material. However, the best news of all could in fact be the price tag, coming in at a surprisingly affordable $7,300. Quotes are available upon request. [Purchase]

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski 1

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski 6

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski 2

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski 3

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski 4

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx Jetski 5