Scuba Pro’s Galileo HUD Is The Ultimate Digital Diving Companion

The ocean seems endless, making it a treasure for adventurers looking to explore a mysterious place that almost seems alien. To assist divers on their intrepid journeys, the Scuba Pro Galileo HUD Masked-Mounted Dive Computer will act as the perfect digital diving companion.

With a full-color, micro OLED display, showing various dive data under light condition, the Galileo HUD is a critical piece of tech for any serious sea explorer who loves life under the sea. The micro OLED floating display allows you to monitor dive data while still allowing you to focus on your surroundings. It offers several operating modes, including gauge, scuba, and freediving in addition to tank pressure readings thanks to compatibility with Trimix and Nitrox. You’re able to take the Galileo down to a maximum depth of 120 meters and save 10,000 hours of dive profiles. Upgrade your dive mask with the Galileo today for $1,699 and explore more of the deep sea.

Purchase: $1,699