Screening Room

Movie theaters can be really fantastic – but if we are being honest, having to navigate traffic to head to the nearest cinema, waiting in line for your ticket, and sitting behind someone who noshes on their gigantic bag of popcorn the whole film is less than ideal. The Screening Room, a new venture by Sean Parker, looks to change all of that by giving you the ability to watch movies in your own home.

The Napster founder and ex-president of Facebook has gotten every prominent movie theater chain in on the project, along with directors Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, and Ron Howard. The whole idea is that you’ll be able to buy a box for around $150 to $200 that will let you purchase a movie that is in theaters for around $50. This won’t herald the end of theaters – because – as it is now proposed, $20 of that would end up going to the theater companies.