Screaming Pigeon Moped By Dicer Bikes

For those who recognize the roots of this throwback bike’s name, you’re not mistaken. This is, in fact, a Flying Pigeon bicycle – one of over 500 million bikes the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse has built for the growing population in the Far East. So, how does one turn a Flying Pigeon into a Screaming Pigeon? Simply ask Brad Wilson of Dicer Bikes.

Here, Wilson decided to add a small 50cc single cylinder engine to the ride, now boasting a top speed of 44 mph. To do so, the bike had to be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt. First up were the wheels that were re-spoked for this project, next were the handlebars that were cut off, flipped over, welded back on, and now host a motorcycle throttle. Dicer Bikes also added a fuel tank to the ride, front disc brakes, and a boardtrack-style Brooks seat. Needless to say, this little guy could be the ultimate urban commuter bike, if only more were in the works.

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