The Scout Camper Bicycle Trailer Is Ideal For Sustainable Weekend Getaways

We’ve all seen our fair share of formidable, off-road campers, and the majority of the time, they’ve been crafted to tag along behind a domineering vehicle. Now, the “Scout” is looking to bring the pleasantries of outdoor camping to a different genre with a lineup of compact enclosures catered toward E-Bike users.

That’s right; cyclists will be able to tow their very own outdoor escape to almost any location, courtesy of the Scout’s three-tier catalog. At its core, the more versatile Tough/Scout combo arrives as a compact, saddle-height box that stands at just 57 inches long, and 37 inches wide, sandwiching together to create a modular, 104-pound package that can be set up in under three minutes. Once open, the Scout enclosure gives birth to a unique, three-level system, allowing for ample food/cooking storage, gear stow, and bedding to be utilized, depending on its user’s needs. From there, you’ll be able to attach a vestibule-like entryway and awning outfitted with waterproof canvas to keep you (and your gear) protected from the elements. After a full day of exploration, head into the Scout’s 75 x 35-inch sleeping area, where you’ll be able to recuperate and reenergize. Visit the collection’s landing page to pick up a base model (without the Tough trailer) for around $5,320.

Purchase: $5,320+