Scoured: Best Gear On Gallantry

If you’re a gambler, you’re probably already plenty familiar with the phrase, “always bet on black.” Even if you’re not, it’s fairly likely you’ve heard it tossed around here or there. Well, we’re here to tell you it applies to a lot more than just roulette. In the gear world, you see, black is one of the most reliable, stylish, and timeless colorways out there. And almost everything is available in black.

Whether you’re seeking out the most hardcore tactical watch you can find, waterproof hiking boots, a pocket knife, or really anything — chances are you’ll find it done up in onyx, obsidian, raven, or whatever you want to call it. In fact, the only real, reasonable logic behind avoiding it might be because dark-hued gear tends to absorb heat — a fairly large downside when you’re stuck under the summer sun. Even so, we’re still more likely to fill our loadout for the city, country, or backwoods with black gear. And we’ve put together a complement of items from Gallantry to show just how beautiful and enduring shadowy tones can be.

Keysmart Compact Key Organizer

It’s a simple prospect: keeping your keys organized and jingle-free in your pocket or on your keychain. But it’s one some people still haven’t caught onto. Break the cycle of key clumps with the aerospace-grade aluminum, 8-key Keysmart compact key holder.

Purchase: $20

AMABILIS Stash Capsule Dopp Kit

Inspired by mil-spec tactical gear, the AMABILIS Stash Capsule dopp kit is built from ultra-durable and weatherproof tarpaulin and armor-plated SuperFabric — making it perhaps the toughest ever made. It also has an interior security pocket, a heavy-duty zipper closure, and an easy grab handle.

Purchase: $29

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Literally small enough to slip into your front pocket, the Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 expands into a full-sized blanket large enough for two full-grown adults. It’s also water-repellant, puncture-resistant, and features weighted corners — making it perfect for use as a picnic tarp.

Purchase: $30

Arktype RMK Paracord Quick-Release Keychain

Constructed from military-grade materials, Arktype’s RMK Paracord Quick-Release Keychain boasts the benefits of a keychain carabiner, but also still offers up speedy convenience when you need it. And, if you’re in a pinch, it’s also constructed from paracord, so you can use it as a survival aid.

Purchase: $32

Deejo Ebony Black 37G Knife

One of the sleekest and most minimalist everyday carry knives ever made, the stylish Deejo 37g features a pared-down skeletonized design with a construction of titanium-coated 420 stainless steel and beautiful ebony wood. And despite its minimalism, it still features a sturdy liner lock for security in deployment.

Purchase: $45

Tactile Turn Black Anodized Slider Pen

Featuring a unique and smooth bolt-action deployment, this stunner of an everyday carry pen is compatible with all Parker-style refills, weighs less than an ounce, and is made in the USA.

Purchase: $59

Peak LED Solutions El Capitan Flashlight

Small enough to fit on your keychain, but perfectly sized for your palm, Peak LED Solutions’ El Capitan EDC flashlight is made in the USA, functions with three different battery chemistries, is shock- and water-resistant, and features an anodized aluminum construction.

Purchase: $60

Timex MK1 Aluminum Watch

Inspired by military field watches, Timex’s MK1 Aluminum Watch features a reliable quartz movement, a comfortable and durable fabric band, an INDIGLO night light, and a tough acrylic crystal.

Purchase: $89

Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

Leatherman has been making some of the best folding multi-tools for literal decades. And the Surge — with its 21 built-in tools and solid stainless steel construction — is one of their top offerings. It also comes with a handy nylon sheath for easy carrying and a whopping 25-year guarantee.

Purchase: $110

Bellroy Classic Backpack

Sleek, stylish, and minimalist, Bellroy’s Classic Backpack is a handy carry solution that offers up everything you could want and nothing you don’t. It’s got 17L of storage space — perfect for the daily commute or even longer city-wide exploration — a polyester and leather construction, and a 15″ laptop pouch.

Purchase: $149

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