Scoured: The Best EDC Gear On Gallantry

There is seemingly no end to the number of interesting and versatile applications for materials used in the everyday carry space. And more are being found seemingly daily. Take, for instance, titanium — which was once used exclusively for military applications, but has since become almost commonplace and is even now available in just about any colorway you can imagine. Of course, there’s also something to be said for materials used in their natural state — ones that don’t need to be gussied up with a fancy paint job in order to be beautiful.

That’s actually what this, the first Gallantry Scoured of the year, is meant to focus on. This collection of EDC gear is meant to display the materials used in its construction in their purest form — lightly tanned leather, unmolested copper, genuine tree branch wood, waxed canvas, etc. If you’re one to appreciate exceptional gear done up in earth tones, this EDC loadout is for you.

Ezra Arthur Small Leather Notebook

Never underestimate the power of the written word, even when it’s just your own scribblings. Of course, you’ll get a lot more scribbling done if you have your own Ezra Arthur Small Leather Notebook, which is full of 128 blank pages, can be refilled via the brand, and was made entirely in the USA.

Purchase: $32

Hella Slingshots No. 3

You don’t have to be a mischief-maker in order to appreciate a good slingshot. And few are as good as the Hella Slingshots No. 3. In fact, this one was made in the USA from genuine forked tree branches, comes with a latex band with a leather pouch, and it can easily slip into the back pocket of your favorite jeans.

Purchase: $37

Bradley Mountain Large Valet Tray

The perfect resting place for all your EDC gear at the end of the day, Bradley Mountain’s USA-made Large Valet Tray is crafted from oiled and waxed vegetable-tanned leather and boasts beautiful copper rivets holding it together. Think of this as a king-size bed for your wallet, keys, phone, and pocket knife.

Purchase: $42

Orbitkey 2.0 Premium Leather Key Organizer

A sleek and elegant alternative to traditional keychains, the Orbitkey 2.0 Premium Leather Key Organizer can store up to seven standard-sized keys at a time and even has an additional attachment point for key fobs and/or keychain tools. Not to mention, it will keep your keys from lumping in a jangly bunch at the bottom of your pocket.

Purchase: $44

Scout Leather Co. Scout Hook Keychain Bottle Opener

Although Scout Leather Co’s Scout Hook is actually available in three different materials (including titanium and brass), we’re quite fond of the copper option for its natural beauty and the fact that it will acquire a unique patina over time. It definitely doesn’t hurt that this bottle opener suspension hook was made in the USA, either.

Purchase: $45

Hitch and Timber Flat Jacket Wallet

If you’re lucky enough not to need a full-sized bifold wallet, you can still get your hands on a minimalist version that touts the same heirloom, traditional quality out of the sleek Hitch and Timber Flat Jacket Wallet. Small enough for your front pocket, this USA-made leather wallet can hold up to eight cards across its two sleeves and will age beautifully over time.

Purchase: $52

Foursevens Preon P1 MKIII Flashlight

Everyone should own a flashlight, and you can’t go wrong with the Foursevens Preon P1 MKIII you see here. This version boasts a solid copper body, IPX8 water-resistance, six possible lighting configurations, and a range of 1-100 lumens.

Purchase: $75

Form Function Form Horween Leather Timex Weekender Watch

Timex is undoubtedly a staple of Americana, but Form Function Form has taken the classic Weekender wristwatch by equipping it with a genuine Horween leather strap. Of course, you also get the Weekender’s reliability provided by its quartz movement — and you can have all of it for a relatively low price, especially when compared to luxury alternatives.

Purchase: $98

Tactile Turn Standard Side Click Pen

An elegant take on a traditional writing instrument, Tactile Turn’s Standard Side Click Pen is crafted from solid copper — meaning it will acquire a unique patina the more it gets used — and is compatible with the ever-popular Pilot G2 cartridges. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and was made in the USA.

Purchase: $99

Bradley Mountain Biographer Backpack

To call Bradley Mountain’s Biographer Backpack gorgeous is perhaps an understatement. This traditionally-styled rucksack is crafted from a spectacular combination of waxed canvas, organically-tanned leather, and both copper and brass hardware. Oh yeah, and it was made entirely in the United States of America.

Purchase: $299

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