Scoured: Best Gear On Amazon

One of the most distinctive aspects of fall is the changing of colors. During this time of year the woods catch on fire and burn bright for entire weeks on end. Both the trees and the ground beneath them boast a vibrant display of oranges, yellows and reds, as do the sidewalks, Cul de Sacs, and dirty floors just inside the doorways of homes. In time, though, the colors fade. Trees drop their leaves in a swirl of wind, exposing their brown bark – the same bark that darkens to a deep black after the rain from fall storms comes down in sheets.

The browns and the blacks are our favorite colors of the fall. Call us crazy, call us morbid, but the dark and dirty browns feel right for this time of year more so than the bright bursts of color. Fall is a time of returning back to the earth, huddling up in the dark, and getting ready to begin again. We were pleasantly surprised, then, that some of our favorite finds on Amazon this October happened to be in varying hues of black and brown. Of course, this gear has much more to recommend it than just color. Take a scroll through our list of the best gear on Amazon this October and see for yourself.


Sun Bum Sunscreen

Pale folks should know – just because you are looking at high temperatures in the low 70’s and high 60s doesn’t mean you can’t get roasted as good as when you’re kicking it on the beach during the summer. Keep protected and safe year round with this broad spectrum non-greasy sunscreen from Sun Bum.

Purchase: $15

atlas obscura

Atlas Obscura

The world is as weird as it is big, and while we may think we know all there is to know about our little blue planet’s oddities and quirks, Atlas Obscura’s new book An Explorer’s Guide To The World’s Hidden Wonders shows us just how wrong we are. Packed with 480 pages full of photos, facts, and illustrations, this book from Workman Publishing serves as a great bit of inspiration for planning trips and exploring the world.

Purchase: $21

this is ground cord taco

This Is Ground Cord Taco

If we added up the number of minutes all of humanity has spent untangling headphone cords, and then used that time for something productive – we’d likely be able to tackle even the world’s toughest problems. Like the Charger’s loosing streak for instance. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. But at least we can avoid tangled cords in the first place with the Cord Taco from This Is Ground.

Purchase: $29

distil union wallet

Distil Union Wally Bifold

A simple, classic, and space saving design built for everyday carry and assembled with attention to detail. If that sounds like the type of wallet you want to keep on you day in and day out, then you should take a look at this one from Distil Union.

Purchase: $60

Cold Steel Knife 0

Cold Steel Hold Out II Knife

We got excited when we came across this knife from Cold Steel. Not only was the blade unique and the attached handle refreshingly minimal, but knowing the brand and its penchant for building nothing but quality knives, we also knew that it was well made. That is all too rare. Often when you come across a unique knife, it is something that looks like it’d be wielded by mall ninjas. Not this thing though – with a CTS-XHP Steel blade and a tough G10 handle, it’s built for serious carry.

Purchase: $96


Incase Icon Pack

We can say with a good degree of confidence that this is one of the best everyday carry backpacks available on the market. It’s sleek, extremely comfortable, and thanks to a bevy of interior organizers for pens, notebooks, laptops, and keys, it makes carrying your gear around the city or between class a cinch.

Purchase: $126

danner boots

Danner Bull Run Work Boot

Fall means wet, and winter means cold, and Danner means your foot feels neither of those things as long as you have their boots on. This particular boot from the heritage brand from Portland, Oregon is built with a synthetic sole, a tough full grain leather upper, and features electrical hazard protection. Like all boots by Danner – it is also made in the U.S. of A.

Purchase: $130+

orvis windbreaker

Orvis Weatherbreaker jacket

Fall isn’t fall without good outerwear to throw on your back and this piece from Orvis is ideal for wearing during windier days, or when the sky opens up a bit. The water resistant nylon and cotton blend, it’ll shield you from the elements and keep you looking sharp.

Purchase: $170

garmin virb

Garmin VIRB Ultra Action Camera

Whether you’re going to spend your weekends this season mountain biking through the woods, canoeing, or seeing the countryside on your motorcycle – one of the best ways to capture all of the action is with Garmin’s VIRB. This little camera packs a punch – with a 1.75 inch display, in camera image stabilization, and built in GPS (it wouldn’t be Garmin without it) you’ll be glad you brought it along for the ride.

Purchase: $400

grado labs

Grado Reference Series RS2e

One of the best Twilight Zone episodes ends with a man in a room filled with books. All he wanted to do his whole life is to have time to read, and finally he does, but right before he settles in to do just that – he breaks his glasses. Cue end-title music. Of course, our lives are not a Hitchcock story, but we do live in a period where we have a glut of audio. All the world’s songs are at our fingertips, so we should endeavor not to be like the man with broken glasses and get the right equipment to enjoy it with, like these Grado Headphones. A pair made by the small family owned company in Brooklyn, they’re widely regarded as some of the best headphones out there.

Purchase: $495


Luminox Atacama Watch

A tough, attractive watch never needs a season. Made with a matte black stainless steel case and face that contrast with brown numbers around the dial and the leather calfskin band, this watch stands out without being too loud. Built to last – the glowing elements on the watch face will work for up to 25 years, and the case can keep the watch ticking up to 330 feet underwater. Not bad at all.

Purchase: $523

Bell Helmet

Bell Matt Carbon Bullitt Helmet

This carbon fiber helmet from Bell is aerodynamically shaped to resist annoying buffeting and lift, and features a ventilation system that keeps your brain bucket from turning into an oven. If you are going to stay safe while riding your motorcycle, you might as well splurge a little.

Purchase: $600