Scoured: Best Gear On Amazon

“Rabbit rabbit.” If you were to ask the same people who cast unsure glances at black cats and try not to step on cracks in the pavement, they’d tell you that these words – so long as they are spoken first thing on a new month – are good luck. If only things where that easy.

There are no secret words. No little bits of magic that will fly into our lives and charm it. That isn’t to say the world is a desolate and grey place. Far from it. Anyone who has the gumption to get up and head out into this nation’s great parks and can tell you with a real certainty about the almost otherworldliness of the great outdoors. Especially at this time of year. It is cold, sure, but come this summer and you’ll be thinking back with a bit of nostalgia to the white or frosted vistas of your nearest or dearest park or open field. It takes more than just a cute little tradition to get you out there. First, you have to want to be out there bad enough to go through the effort of getting in your car and going. Secondly – you need the right gear. For trips just like this, we’ve assembled what we think are some of the best gear on Amazon this February. Take a scroll through and see for yourself.

Rite In The Rain Notebook

What recommends this piece of gear more than anything is its simplicity. As the title would suggest, one can write on these whether raining or snowing thanks to the water proof pages. A great ad for those reliant on taking notes while out trekking in rainier climates.

Purchase: $6

Carhartt Acrylic Knit Hat

You could have the warmest jacket known to man, but if you trek out into the cold without something on your noggin you’ll be in for a cold, miserable time. This hat from the heritage work wear brand Carhartt is made from pure acrylic, and is sure to keep you nice and toasty through any weather.

Purchase: $10

Lacie PetiteKey 16GB Flash Drive

We know this is cliche to say, but it is hard not to think back to times when 8 gigs on a flash drive was groundbreaking. Now, thanks to the innovations in data storage from Lacie, you can fit up to 32 in this waterproof, scratch resistant USB key. Not bad.

Purchase: $15

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are a must for anyone – whether trekking through the woods or grabbing items for your daily carry in the city. This little tool dubbed the ‘Dime’ from Gerber offers up scissors, a knife, pliers, and much more all in one compact package.

Purchase: $17

Bahco Folding Saw And Multi-Purpose Knife

If you are looking to strike out on your favorite trails after the winter has passed, don’t fool yourself in thinking you know what you are going to come across. Winter downs trees both big and small. Stay prepared by throwing something like this 2 piece folding saw and knife in your pack. The 8 inch saw blade with 7 teeth per inch will be good to cut through sturdy branches and help blaze the trail.

Purchase: $30

Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe

For when sawing won’t quite cut it – there is always the option to swing an axe. This one from Fiskars features a 17 inch long handle and a tough forged steel blade that is built to stay sharper longer than most any other on the market. To top it off, the axe’s stronger-than-steel FiberComp handle is incredibly lightweight – making for a better power to weight ratio.

Purchase: $40

North Face Surge Backpack

A great daypack for the city or for hiking around. Featuring a tough nylon construction, external pockets lined with fleece for protecting electronics or sunglasses, and a pair of lightweight and comfortable straps – it is hard to think of a better pick.

Purchase: $80

5.11 Apex Pants

Finding a pair of pants that fit well and feel good while out on the trail can be hard. That is, if you aren’t looking at 5.11’s offerings. This pair of pants may be one of the best styles they offer. Made from Flex-tac stretch canvas they are breathable, stretchy, and repel dirt and moisture with ease. In addition to the quality of the fabric, the pants feature an over-built construction along the crotch and waistband as well as internal cargo pockets.

Purchase: $65

Red Wing Heritage Moc 8″ Boots

They look great. They’re classic as can be. And they’re more than capable of taking on whatever the city or nature throws at them. What more can we say?

Purchase: $245

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Hi-Fi Speaker

What about this wireless speaker makes it deserve a name like “Outdoor Tech”? Well, for starters, it both boasts high fidelity audio through Bluetooth streaming, but it can withstand big drops, lots of rain, and a good deal of dust. Whether you’re putting it by your pool or taking it to the lake – it’ll blast great tunes wherever you go.

Purchase: $190

Swatch Sistem Soul Automatic Watch

An automatic watch that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. That, in our experience, is hard to come by. Featuring a swiss movement, waterproofing up to 165 feet, and a gorgeous 42mm case with mineral crystal, it is a solid addition for the guy looking to start dabbling in automatic watches.

Purchase: $208

Alchemy PrimaLoft Piste Insulated Jacket

A smart, hooded jacket from the New Zealand company built to beat back winter weather. Featuring a waterproof shell, fully taped seams, and PrimaLoft insulation you’ll be sure to stay warm and dry no matter what.

Purchase: $382