Scoured: Best Gear On Amazon

If you’re anything like us you’ve been spending a lot of time online over the past few weeks trying to scare up some good gifts for your family and friends. Heck. You may even be trying to build out your own wishlist for the holidays to indicate what it is you’re hoping to find under the tree. Either way – you’ve likely gotten overwhelmed at some point. We know we have. There is just so much stuff out there it is really hard to wade through it all.

Thankfully for you, our job is to literally comb through every online shop and find the best of the best for you to pick out for yourself or those close to you. This month, we applied our special skills to the behemoth online store Amazon. Known more for its competitive prices than its one-of-a-kind picks, this store can be a little hard to navigate sometimes. But we managed to scrounge up some solid picks ranging from a wild R.C. car to a smart set of keys and a couple different types of speakers. Take a scroll though and see for yourself the best gear on Amazon.

A Man and His Watch

By themselves, mechanical watches are boring, outdated piece of equipment that tell inaccurate time and cost too much money. But when they’re placed in a compelling narrative and photographed as beautifully as they are in this book by Matt Hranek? They’re irresistible. An ideal gift for the watch enthusiast or collector.

Purchase: $30

KeySmart Pro Compact With Tile Smart Technology

We’ve all been there. You had to be at work 5 minutes ago and you still can’t find your keychain. Things don’t have to be this way. Thanks to the KeySmart Pro you can make your compact key-carrier ring with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Purchase: $60

Pioneer Portable Conference Speaker

Tired of trying to hear and speak through static while taking conference calls on your iPhone? Equip yourself with Pioneer’s portable conference speaker. It carries both a speaker and microphone for a much more crisp and clear connection.

Purchase: $100

Cole Haan Grandexplore Hiker WP Hiking Boot

A handsome, waterproof boot built for daily wear in the city or out in the country. They feature a premium leather upper with classic d-ring lacing and a Grand.OS outsole – because old-school looks don’t have to come at the expense of modern comfort.

Purchase: $175

The North Face Men’s Apex Elevation Jacket

Don’t let winter get the best of you this year. This jacket from The North Face boasts a waterproof and windproof soft shell with an insulted inner lining. And of course, the jacket comes with The North Face’s lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $180

Ultimate Ears BLAST Portable Speaker

On the hunt for a great, durable Bluetooth speaker? Give the UE Blast a look. It costs 360-degree sound, 12 hour playtime, Alexa integration, and decent waterproofing for poolside listening. An ideal pick for the technophile.

Purchase: $230

EURO Blackcan Heat Camping Mat

For the backpackers and campers who don’t like to compromise on comfort, this heated camping mat from Blackcan is a choice pick. The automatic gas control function allows sleepers to get up to 10 hours of heat out of a 230g butane canister.

Purchase: $390

Amazon Key

For those who regularly order products from Amazon — this could be a really nice gift. It’s a system that allows Amazon delivery workers to open up the door to your home and drop off a package inside away from thieving hands. For extra home security the kit comes with a camera that keeps track of what delivery people are up to when inside your home.

Purchase: $250


You never know when you’re going to need a little bit of extra help getting your car unstuck from snow, mud, or sand. Keeping these tracks on hand will make sure you’ll never be caught unprepared. Made from UV stabilized flexible, and tough reinforced nylon – they provide the right amount of traction for vehicles both big and small.

Purchase: $324

Traxxas 1/10 Scale Trail Crawler

Thanks to Traxxas’ trail crawler, owning a beastly off-road machine isn’t totally out of the question for most folks. This 1/10 scale RC car boasts a high amount of clearance, waterproof electronics, sealed ball bearings and innovative portal axles for rumbling over all kinds of terrain.

Purchase: $450

Segway One S1

Looking for a new, fun way to get around town quickly? The Segway One S1 may be exactly what you’re looking for. The self-balancing wheel can hit speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour and has a range of 15 miles on a single charge.

Purchase: $460

Garmin Descent Mk1

When it comes to smart adventure watches, few companies if any are as good as Garmin. Take a look at their new Descent MK1 dive watch and you’ll see what we mean. It boasts a 3-axis compass, a dive log that can store data from 10,000 dives, and a heart rate monitor among many, many other functions.

Purchase: $1,000

Scoured: Best Gear On Amazon - November 2017

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