ScotteVest SeV Sportsman Vest

For the nerdy outdoorsman in all of us, ScotteVest recently released a 24 pocket super vest that bridges the gap between backpack and outdoor apparel. Suited for hunting, fishing, camping or any number of outdoor activities, the SeV Sportsman Vest holds vacancies for numerous tools and outdoor EDC such as knives, bird calls, pens, cameras and compasses to name a few. There’s even a place for a hydration bladder in the back and pockets deep enough to fit an iPad.

Inside the tough outer layer lies a warm quilted interior with a Teflon-coated cotton fabric to repel dirt and water. Also, in here is where you’ll find ample storage space fit for any gear junkie. First-time wearers may feel overly intimidated by the multitude of pocket space, but not to worry, the jacket even comes with an attached guide, doubling as a glasses wipe of course. The SeV Sportsman Vest may seem like overkill to some, but with a highly reasonable price tag of $175, any outdoorsman fixated on organization is encouraged to take a look. [Purchase]