Scott Sight Thermal-Imaging Firefighter Mask

The future of firefighting just took a step in the right direction with the release of the Scott Sight Firefighting Mask. Featuring a new in-mask thermal intelligence system, the technology is designed to improve safety by providing the real-time benefits of thermal imaging in plain sight for all firefighters.

Since the 1990s, firefighters have used hand-held thermal imaging cameras to see through thick smoke. Over the past couple decades, advancements have reduced the size of these components and increased application. This mask, however, integrates this technology for the first time in the form of a lightweight camera and display within the firefighter’s mask and keeping the thermal image in view at all times. The idea was conceived through actual discussions with active firefighters in addressing the need to see in otherwise dark and visually impenetrable environments. It reflects a larger effort to increase safety and execution in the rescue missions and will hopefully serve as a harbinger of new technology to come for the noble service.