ScoreCleaner Notes iPhone App

ScoreCleaner Notes

ScoreCleaner NotesThe invoative app ideas never stop rolling in, and the ScoreCleaner notes for the Apple iPhone is living proof. This easy to use app allows users to convert simple melodies into notation, all without ever needing to know how to play a musical instrument.

Next time you get that million dollar jingle stuck in your head, be sure to pull out your iPhone, and record it. ScoreCleaner Notes lets you hum (or play an instrument) into your phone’s microphone,  and before you know it, the app will spit out your melody’s key, tempo, time signature, and complete musical notation onto the screen. You can store all your melodies on the ScoreClean Cloud, and can even share them with your friends through social media and email.  Purchase this app through iTunes, and check out the video below.