This Ultra-Sleek Drip Coffeemaker Packs An Integrated Grinder And Digital Scale

Based on how ubiquitous coffee consumption is the world over, it’s frankly surprising that the fundamental design of most basic drip coffeemakers has changed very little over the last half-century. South Korean designer, Joo Hwan Hong aims to change that, however, rethinking the basic drip machine and applying modern Scandinavian design principles to achieve what the concept artist has dubbed the “SCOPE” coffee machine.

Boasting a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, the apparatus includes an integrated scale and a coffee grinder, eliminating the need for any of the regular accessories and peripherals that brewing up a cup of joe normally necessitates. The top of the vertical cylindrical element of the design sports a digital display that shows water temperature, while the end of the horizontally-running tube houses the on/off button. Fully removable, a digital scale for measuring ground coffee beans has been worked into the machine’s base, and a second digital screen — between a tear and on/off button — displays weight readings and then disappears when not in use. Thus far the SCOPE is still in the conceptual phase, with no word for plans of production. To see more of the SCOPE, check out Joo Hwan Hong’s Behance page linked below.

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